LAUSD Open Enrollment for 2014 Now Thru May 23!

OEThe LAUSD Open Enrollment application period for Fall 2014 has officially opened. Deadline to apply is Friday, May 23, 2014.

Open Enrollment info

If you’re hanging on wait lists and still looking for school options for the fall, this is a good list to peruse.

Every year LAUSD offers up a list of schools to anyone who would like to apply for them through a process called Open Enrollment (OE). These are neighborhood schools with available seats that anyone can apply for. Once enrolled in a school via Open Enrollment, your child may attend that school until the last grade offered without having to re-apply every year. It’s an easy type of school transfer without going through a complicated permitting process.

You may apply to multiple Open Enrollment schools. If there are more seats than applicants, everyone who applied gets in. If there are more applicants than seats, a lottery will be held at the school site in the last week in May to determine offers of enrollment and the wait list sequence.

For a list of schools with Open Enrollment seats available, sorted by Educational Service Center/ESC area (East, West, North, South), see:

OE List 2014

The OE application

Good luck!

SAS Applications Now Thru April 30th

GATEIf your child qualifies, NOW is the time (April 1-30th) to get those Schools For Advanced Studies, (SAS) applications in. The deadline to apply for the 2014-15 school year is April 30, 2014.

Acceptance notifications come out in early May. In order to apply to an SAS school, students must meet specific eligibility requirements, either by being identified as Gifted and Talented (GATE), verified by their teacher and principal, or by meeting specific testing thresholds.

What is an SAS school? It is a specialized program for qualified students that (hopefully and depending on the strength of the program and staff) delves deeper into course material at an accelerated pace. From the LAUSD website: “Gifted/Talented Programs creates high end learning opportunities which allow students to flourish in stimulating academic and social environments. In designing challenging educational opportunities, we strive to raise the floor, remove the walls and eliminate the ceiling on learning.”

If your gifted child is wait listed at their magnet choice and you haven’t yet heard if they got into that charter school, the possibility of an SAS program can be another school option to consider. You can apply to more than one SAS program, you apply directly at your desired SAS school site, and the school will determine which applicants get accepted or not by the end of the application period. Some schools handle applications on a first-come first-served basis, other schools base student acceptance on a more selective criteria which might include a student interview plus review of work samples, cumulative grades, teacher recommendations and test results.

*Note: For middle and high school, chances are excellent they will look at your child’s grades going back 2-3 years, making your child’s 3rd, 4th and 1st semester 5th grade grades particularly important when applying for middle school, and 6-8th grade grades critical for high school applications.

For more on SAS (Schools for Advanced Studies) programs, see: New LAUSD GATE website!

SAS application and criteria:

List of SAS programs by area/grade:

You can pick up applications at each SAS school office during the application period, or download it here:

As always, if you want to discuss anything further, I’m here to help!

phone consultation

in-home consultation


2014 Dual Language Program Deadlines

Hey Westsiders –
Here’s a quick list of many of the area Dual Language Immersion elementary school programs and their upcoming application deadlines for the 2014-15 school year. Each school organizes its own tours, application, screening and lottery process, and you apply directly at the school site.

Broadway Mandarin Academy – apps are first-come-first-served (not a lottery) so the earlier you turn in your app, the better your chances! Apps avail in main office, can be picked up between 8:30a-3:30p.
Tours: Feb 20 9a, Mar 6 9a, Apr 22 9a and May 20 9a.
App priorities/dates:
1- Siblings of current Mandarin Immersion Program students 02/24/2014 – 3/21/2014
2- Within LAUSD’s Education Service Center West (ESC West) 03/03/2014 – 3/21/2014
3- Within other ESCs in LAUSD (ESC East, North and South) 3/10/2014 – 3/21/2014
4- School district is other than LAUSD 03/17/2014 – 3/21/2014

Apps received after 3/21/14 will be date and time-stamped and placed on a waitlist regardless of enrollment priority or area of residence.

Broadway Spanish Immersion — call for more info 310.392.4944
Tours: Jan 22 9a, Feb 26 9a, Mar 26 9a, April 23 9a, May 21 9a

Grandview Spanish Immersion — call for more info 310.390.3618
Tours: Feb 5 8:30a, Mar 5 8:30a, Mar 20 8:30a, April 2 8:30a, May 7 8:30a
ownload the FLYER

LAUSD Full List of Dual Immersion Programs:

Indie Charters:
City Charter Elementary Spanish Dual Language (K-2) — apps avail online now, Deadline Feb 28, Lottery Mar 13
Tours: Feb 20 9:30a, Mar 14 9:30a, Apr 4 9:30a

Goethe International Charter School (German) – apps avail online now, Deadline Feb 28, Lottery Mar 18 6p
Tours: Feb 4 9a, Feb 13 9a, Feb 18 9a, Feb 27 9a rsvp 310.306.3484

Edison Language Academy (Spanish) – application given at tour
Tours: scheduled Nov thru early Mar, call to schedule 310.828.0335 x61149 or x 61148
App priorities:
1- Students living within the Edison attendance area
2- Siblings of Edison students
3- Students from within SMMUSD, and employees of SMMUSD, City of SM and City of Malibu
4- When available, Edison accepts students from out of District contingent upon an inter-district permit

Residents register at home school first between Feb 11 – Mar 14, then inform them of interest in El Marino and/or La Ballona, receive a Dual Lang App request to take to El Marino and/or La Ballona office(s) to be entered in lottery. Enrollment for out of district permit begins Apr 9 by apt only @ CCUSD offices.

El Marino Language School (Japanese/Spanish) – Kinder info night Feb 6 6p
App priorities:
1- CC residents who are siblings of current students
2- CC residents who speak target language (Spanish/Japanese)
3- CC residents who speak English
4- Non-resident Spanish/Japanese speakers w approved inter-district permit
5- Non-resident English speakers w approved inter-district permit

La Balllona Spanish Dual Language Program – Kinder info night Jan 23 6p Registration by appt
Tours: Jan 24 10a, Jan 30 9a, Feb 4 9a, Feb 21 10a, Mar 3 9a

To locate any of the above programs, please view my Westside Elementary School Finder Map at

More about the Dual Language Immersion options HERE.
Is Dual Language Immersion Right For You? HERE.
2013-14 LAUSD Dual Language Directory HERE.

Hot Off The Presses! New School Guidebooks for 2014!









Westside Guide to Public Elementary School


Westside Guide to Middle School

newly revised and updated for the 2014-15 school year!

$20 each. Click HERE to purchase.

Updated Flier: Westside Middle School Forum Thurs, Oct 24


Shopping Middle Schools on the Westside? Then you’ll want to check this out.

Thurs, October 24th starting at 6p, a dozen area middle schools will be under one roof at Mark Twain Middle School presenting their pitches, power points and pamphlets. Come, listen, learn. Afterward there’ll be a chance to walk up to each school table and ask questions.

And of course, I’ll be there to help focus you on your options.

Thurs, October 24, 2013 6-8:30p
at Mark Twain Middle School
2224 Walgrove Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066
It’s FREE!

2014 Magnet/eChoices Site is LIVE!

It’s Magnet Time Again!
by Tanya Anton |

Choices2014It’s time.

The site is LIVE. The 2014-15 Magnet/eChoices brochure is now available and the application window has officially opened. Apply online now!

Beginning today, Tuesday, October 1, 2013 through the deadline Friday, November 15, 2013 at 5p, LAUSD residents may apply to the Magnet Program or Permits With Transportation (PWT) program for next year.

Visit It’s ONLINE. 24/7. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s paperless.

Highlights for 2014:

– No longer accepting late applications. But you can make changes to your online app up until the final Nov 15 deadline. You’ve got 6 weeks to do this folks. Don’t be late. Do this now, get those apps in on time!

– NO NCLB PSC Program! No Option B Magnet/PSC Program Combo!
Due to LAUSD’s NCLB waiver being approved by the US Dept of Ed in August 2013, the NCLB PSC option for students enrolled in PI (Program Improvement) schools is no longer available and will be phased out for current PSC students. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t worry. It’s not available anymore.)

– Notification letters will go out by the end of March and will be sent via email if applied online.

Students MAY be contacted with an opening up until the 4th week of school. (This DOES happen. The late notification. It happened to us this year.) Waitlist points will finalize after then. *Students may also be called during the first 2 weeks of the spring semester. (I don’t personally know anyone who got this call, but beware, it’s in the fine print.)

eChoices screenshot

The Basic Highlights: (Covered in much more detail in my Guidebooks)

Must be an LAUSD resident to be eligible. Falsified applications will be disqualified and removed from the program.

– Can select UP TO 3 MAGNET Choices. Points will only attach to your 1st choice. 2nd and 3rd choices will be entered with 0 points. If you aren’t selected in any of your choices during the initial automated lottery, you are placed back on the waitlist of your 1st choice.

– You are not required to select 3 choices. If accepted to ANY magnet program at any point and turn it down, you will lose ALL accumulated waitlist points.

– Only submit ONE application per child. (Check with other parent to make sure you didn’t both apply.) Must be applying for the correct grade for 2014. State Law governs age eligibility:  5 by Sept 1st for K, 6 by Sept 1st for 1st.

– Student info (address, telephone, grade) MUST MATCH info at child’s current LAUSD school. (Think robo-call info.) It is the parent’s responsibility to complete the application correctly or it will be rejected.

– Twins are treated as individuals with separate apps. There is a space to enter sibling info on each app. If only one gets in, sibling points will apply the following year.

– If currently attending a Magnet and wish to stay there…DO NOTHING! If you apply elsewhere and are selected into another magnet, you will be dropped from your current magnet program. (This has happened to people I know trying to collect points while attending a magnet program. No, No, NO! That’s what Matriculation points are for.)

– If NOT currently in a Magnet and would like to be for next year, apply now. Apply every year until you get in. Waitlist points only go back 3 consecutive years.

– Gifted/High Ability and Highly Gifted applicants must provide verification AHEAD of the Nov 15 deadline. See:

– To find more detailed info about each Magnet program, click on the 7 digit school code. To find out which Magnet programs are near you, use my School Finder maps.

If this seems overwhelming or you want to discuss strategy, please contact me for a consultation. I’m happy to help. Magnets are just one of many public school options.
– Tanya Anton |

SAS Applications Accepted Now Through April 30th

GATEIf your child qualifies, NOW is the time to get those SAS applications in. (SAS stands for Schools For Advanced Studies.) The deadline to apply to an SAS school is Tuesday, April 30th for the 2013-14 school year. Acceptance notifications will come out May 6-10th.

In order to apply to an SAS school, students must meet eligibility requirements, either by being identified as GATE (Gifted and Talented), verified by their teacher and principal, or by meeting specific testing thresholds.

If your child is wait listed at their magnet choice and you haven’t yet heard if they got into that charter school, SAS programs (if they qualify) can be another school option to consider. You may apply to more than one SAS program, you apply directly at the school site, and the school will determine which applicants get accepted or not at the end of the application period. Sometimes its handled on a first-come first served basis, other schools base student enrollment on a more selective criteria and student review.

For more on SAS (Schools for Advanced Studies) programs, including eligibility requirements and the list of school programs in each local area, see:

Magnet Acceptance Letters Sent!


If you applied for the magnet or one of the echoices programs, you should have received both an email (if you applied online) and  a hard copy letter in the mail this week announcing your initial results.

If you were waitlisted, do not despair just yet. There is still a long time to go, namely several months and 4 weeks into the school year or mid-September, before things are completely finalized.

If you received an acceptance letter, you have until Friday April 19th, 2013 to either accept or decline the offer. You must respond. If you delay and avoid and do not respond, (eh herm, some people actually think this tactic will work), that will be considered a decline.

After April 19th, remaining seats (by those who declined them in the initial offer) will be offered to the next students on the wait list. This process of working their way down the wait list and offering remaining seats to the next on the list will continue through April, May and June. School offices will close for the month of July but getting all the seats filled will resume again in the beginning of August – through the first day of school, Tuesday August 13th – and continue until all the seats are filled and settled at the end of the 4th week of school, September 13, 2013.

After then, if you still have not received a magnet offer, then your wait list points will become finalized for the 2013-14 school year.

I hope this is clear. Mainly, I hope this gives you some clarity that there’s still plenty of time to get offered a spot. Good luck, all!

Playa Vista EL Opens Non-Resident Waitlist THIS Friday

I get asked about the new STEM focused Playa Vista Elementary School often in my talks and consultations. If you are interested in applying to the school, please find enrollment info below. As it is a neighborhood school, priority is given to those residing within the school’s attendance area. For non-residents, Wait List begins THIS FRI, Feb 1st, 2013 at PVES Main Office (open 7am-4pm)…first come, first served.


2013-2014 Enrollment Information

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)
T-K Eligibiity: Children must turn 5 on or between Oct 2-Dec 2; Kindergarten eligible children may enroll in T-K if space is available. For more info on T-K visit:

K Eligibility: Children must turn 5 on or before Oct 1.

Playa Vista Residents, One Westbluff Residents and LMU Employees

Registration Day – Sat, Feb 9th, 2013
9am-1pm at Playa Vista Elementary Library

Please pick-up an enrollment form at the PVES office as soon as possible and return forms on registration day. If you do not have your child’s physician card completed, you may turn in enrollment forms and bring your child’s immunization record (original and copy) and submit the physician card at a later date.

Enrollment Forms are NOW AVAILABLE for pick-up at the PVES main office (open M-F, 7am-4pm)
Please bring the following documentation with you to pick up a form.

I. Photo ID (drivers license, passport)
II. Proof of residence (one of the following):
– Utility Bill (Gas, Electric, Water) *no phone bills*
– Rental or Lease Agreement
– Property Tax Papers
– Copy of Escrow Papers (if purchasing)

LMU employees:
I. Photo ID (drivers license, passport)
II. Recent LMU pay stub

Permits for Non-residents/Non-LMU employees
Wait List begins THIS FRI, Feb 1st, 2013 at PVES Main Office (open 7am-4pm)

Permits will be released based on available space and in order of the wait list. To be placed on the wait list, please visit the office on or after February 1st (M-F, 7am-4pm). First come, first served.

Permit applications will be available starting April 15th. Questions? Contact the school office at 424-228-1800.

Upcoming Charter Application Deadlines (Elementary)

Speaking of charters, we are now fully ensconced in what I refer to as “Charter Season.” The time to tour and get your charter school applications in before their deadlines and lotteries.

While not exhaustive, here’s a select list of some of the upcoming elementary school charter application deadlines and lottery dates around town. Most applications can be downloaded online on the school’s website and either mailed in or physically handed in to their office.

CharterFeel free to peruse my color-coded school finder MAPS for individual school contact info and a direct hyperlink onto their websites. All charters are marked in green on my maps.

Remember, independent charters open their lotteries to anyone from any district. Affiliated conversion charters, an LAUSD hybrid type charter, gives first priority to those residing within the school’s attendance area with any remaining seats going up for lottery to non-residents.

All charters give preference to siblings of existing students, and some charters offer other priorities in their lottery structure, such as to founding families, students residing within LAUSD, or students qualifying for Free/Reduced Meal Plan (ie. low socio-economic status.)

Each lottery is independently operated and instituted by each individual charter school. Applications are handled directly with each school site. There are no points involved, thankfully. If you applied and were waitlisted last year, you need to reapply this year.

Ok, here’s that list.

(certainly not an exhaustive list and in no particular order)

Pacific Palisades Charter Complex* Schools — apps avail now in each office, deadline March 11th 12p, lottery March 22nd 8:30a *(schools include Canyon, Kenter Canyon, Palisades, Marquez and Topanga Charters)

WISH —  apps avail online now, deadline March 6th 6p, lottery March 15th

Goethe — apps avail online now, deadline Feb 28th,  lottery in March tbd

Ocean Charter School — apps avail online now, deadline Jan 25th, lottery Feb 27th 10a

Larchmont Hwd — apps avail now online, deadline Feb 20th 4p, lottery Feb 23rd 9a

Larchmont WeHo — apps avail now online, deadline Feb 8th 4p, lottery Feb 23rd 9a

Citizens of the World/Hwd — apps avail online now, deadline March 1st 4p, lottery March 21st 6p

Citizens of the World/Silver Lake — apps avail online now, deadline tbd, lottery April 4th

Citizens of the World/Mar Vista — – info Mtg 1/31 in MV, apps avail online now, deadline March 1st, lottery April 11th

Los Feliz Schl of the Arts — apps avail online, deadline Feb 28 (by mail) or March 5th 12p (in person), lottery March 5th

Valley Charter — apps avail online, deadline Feb 8th 4p, lottery Feb 22nd 5p

Chime — apps avail online now, deadline March 8th 3p, lottery March 15th

Ararat —  call 818.994.2904

Our Community Charter — 818.920.5285

Again, please view my school finder maps for more info and links.