Moving to Los Angeles? We have the 2nd largest public school district in the country and one of the most complicated school systems to navigate with magnets, charters, language immersions, specialized academies, lotteries, points, and different applications due in different months.

It’s tricky enough if you live here. If you’re new to LA or about to move here, dealing with finding a good school can make your head spin!

I can help.

As a former New Yorker and a 25-year resident of Los Angeles, I know neighborhoods and their schools. And what your options are in different parts of this vast sprawl. So whether you’re coming from another state or another country, let me help you with your school search. Together we can target specific neighborhoods and maximize your options, so you can focus on all the other details of your move.

Not in town yet? No problem. We can meet via Zoom. To get started, just email me at with “relocation” in the subject line and we’ll set up your appointment.