Individual Consultations:

“Tanya is brilliant. She made Los Angeles feel so wide open to me in a way I’ve never experienced. Run don’t walk to have her help you.” —Molly Shannon

“You really are helping to shape lives and change futures!” Sharon Rizzi

“OMG you were so helpful I wanted to cry with relief when you left!”Emily Bailey Markowitz

“I have been meaning to reach out and thank you for our awesome and insightful session! I really appreciate you taking ALLLL of our eager questions and providing us with a great action plan. I have already told other mom friends about how helpful this was, so expect to hear more from my crew.” Lydia Pelosi

“I can’t tell you how valuable your consultation was for our family.  While I had many of the pieces, I was missing some critical information. Your consultation filled the gaps, opened my eyes to new possibilities and resulted in a GREAT placement for both our daughters. Can’t thank you enough. You provide an extraordinarily valuable service.Angela Gookin, parent and educator

“What a pleasure it was to meet you. Thanks so much for taking the time to come to our home, share your keen insights and, significantly, your infectious enthusiasm for public education. You gave us real food for thought and a terrific actionable plan.” Kira Powell & Tom Evans

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have helped me so much!” Allison Holmes, Assistant Dean Marketing & Communications, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Speaking events:
“Thanks for the wealth of information you shared with us last night. I don’t know anyone who does what you do, and I was so impressed by how much information you carry around in your head!”  –Jamy Stillman, PhD, Assistant Professor, USC Rossier School of Education

Thank you for coming to RVCC. The parents really benefitted from your knowledge and information. You are a great speaker and it was a pleasure to have you.”  –Romy Hightower, Dir Redwood Village Children’s Center

“Your talk was SO great, your information invaluable!”–Rebecca Kate Fleming

“Thank you for all your insightful advice and tips! You are a life saver and saved me tons of hours of research!”  –Jennifer Stein

“You were phenomenal and I am so grateful for the work you are doing!”
–Nely Galan, entrepreneur

“I was substantially impressed by the amount of information you are able to condense into an hour presentation and still leave parents feeling empowered.” Ken Zeff, COO Green Dot Public Schools

“I took her seminar this weekend and I must tell you — it is thorough.  Tanya Anton has a way of explaining it all and keeping people in the room. It’s a gift, clearly.”Sarah Auerswald, Blogger, MomsLA & MarVistaMom

“Thank you so much for the great chat!  You are so helpful and definitely make us Moms feel informed and energized.” Keri Flint, VH1

“I purchased your guide last year and it was very helpful. It was the single most helpful resource I found to assist with our search.”Brad Gavigan

“All I can say right now is ‘UGH!’ I had no idea the trials and frustrations that accompany the elementary school search! I already have your GoMamaGuide–a BIBLE to me. Thank You! Jim Smoot

“Hi Tanya. I purchased your book and I just had to tell you how EXCEEDINGLY helpful it is! It organizes all the tidbits of info I had been collecting into one coherent place, explains it all clearly and concisely, and simply makes me feel less overwhelmed! Like the application timeline? Brilliant. And the online interactive map with links… well, let’s just say, I never thought a map would make me so happy! 🙂 Thank you so much for being as organized as I would be if I had more time! You’re providing a great service here. Seriously!” Circe Mirano

“Love your book; found it very useful! Keep on doing what you do!”Hal Martin

“Thanks for continuing your research. LAUSD…it’s SUCH a maze!” Shana Aelony

“Best $$ I’ve spent in a long time.” Mar Vista Mum

“Your work is inspiring and I hope it galvanizes people to get involved locally. Thanks for doing all this!” Rachael Panush, Posh Papoose

“Big Shout Out for Must-Have Guide!”Lynda Gorov, Journalist


To hear Tanya’s audio commentary, check out the MEDIA page
To read Tanya in print, click PRESS


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