Parent Courtesy Reminder – Don’t Be a Two-Timer!

colored arrowsHey Guys,
Even though it’s June and most schools are out for summer, school offices are still open and working on their fall enrollment. I’ve been getting several calls and emails from you folks who have unexpectedly gotten acceptances at 2 or even 3 different schools for fall. Lucky you!!

Just a reminder that many other families are still anxiously holding out hope, waiting to hear if a spot opens up at their coveted school.

So if you do happen to get into 2 or more schools, especially if you have already filled out paperwork, as soon as you make your decision, please, PLEASE make sure you get back to the other school, thank them, and let them know you will not be attending. Keep it brief, keep it polite, you can email or phone them, but either way let them know so they can move down the list and offer the space to another lucky student.
Here’s a simple email example. Feel free to use it:

“Thanks so much for offering our child (child’s name) a spot in (grade level) this fall. We have decided to go in another direction so we will be declining, but wish you the best in the upcoming school year.”

(your name).
See? That wasn’t so hard, was it. And notice you didn’t have to give any explanation. Or even talk to anyone. Just simple, clean, polite. But more importantly, it lets them know. So they can move on. Breakups are hard. Give them closure.

So don’t be a two-timer. Don’t “squat” on multiple offers. Do other families a favor and let the other school know as soon as you finalize your decision. You’ve moved on, so let them move on too. It’s just good manners. And the right thing to do!

Also, the closer we get to the start of the school year, the less time schools will give you to make your decision, usually about 24 hours before they go on to the next person on the list. (It’s true. Prepare yourselves.) 
And just in case you think you are being crafty, magnet schools take the attitude that no response means a “no,” so don’t NOT answer your phone or NOT answer that email hoping to avoid them and hold on to those waitlist points. For magnets, no response is considered a no. And turning down a magnet option (whether directly or indirectly) results in losing ALL your accumulated waitlist points.
Ok, that’s it for my courtesy reminder. Remember to play nice in the sandbox.
Got multiple offers and can’t decide? Need help weighing the pros and cons? That’s what I’m here for. In-person or Phone.

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