Where “Varsity Blues’ Is Still Just A Movie: Top 15 L.A. Public High Schools for Hollywood Families (The Hollywood Reporter) 8/18/19

Confused By Your Public School Choices? ( 11/27/17

Hollywood’s Favorite LA Public Schools (The Hollywood Reporter) 8/17/17

10 Reasons You Need To Vote For Your School Board Rep (picked up by LA School Report) 3/1-7/17

LA Defends Decision to Close Public Schools Over Threat (The Guardian) 12/15/15

Magnet Schools: How to Navigate One of L.A.’s Most Complex Mazes (LA Times) 10/9/15

Magnets vs. Charter: Meet the Woman Helping You Choose the Right LAUSD School (LA Weekly) 8/12/14

‘We The Parents’ Chronicles L.A.’s Controversial Charter School Law (LA Daily Beast) 8/15/13

LAUSD Choices Now Live Online: It’s Magnet Time, Los Angeles (MomsLA) 10/11/12

• School Choice in Los Angeles: Focus on Magnet Schools in LAUSD (LA Mommy Poppins) 4/16/2012

Public School Choice in Los Angeles: Navigating LAUSD Charters, Magnets & More (LA Mommy Poppins) 3/12/2012

The Education of LAUSD’s Steve Zimmer (Jewish Journal) 7/5/2011

Furlough Days Agreement Offers Short-Term Relief for Schools (Venice-Mar Vista Patch) 5/31/2011

Public School Choices Guru Offers Advice to Mar Vista Parents (Venice-Mar Vista Patch) 4/5/2011

Frazzled Moms Push Back Against Volunteering (New York Times – Highlight comment #40, recommended by 175 readers) 12/2/2010

Tanya Anton’s GoMamaGuide Is The Bomb (Mar Vista Mom) 3/18/2010

Mar Vista, It’s LAUSD Choices Time! (Mar Vista Mom) 11/10/2009

School Choice Amendment Passes 6 to 1; Teachers Union Contemplates It’s Next Move (The Argonaut) 8/27/2009

Public Knowledge (Daily Candy Kids) 2/23/2009

Disarming the ARM Conference: Rocking The Public Schools (GoMama Blog) 6/3/2008

Parents And Teachers Visit Sacramento To Confront Lawmakers on School Funding Cuts (The Argonaut) 5/15/2008

Multiple Choice: With So Many School Options, Confused Parents Now Are Hiring Consultants To Help Them Pick The Right Educational Answer For Their Children (LA Daily News) 8/19/2007

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