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Looking for a School? Overwhelmed with the process?
You’ve come to the right place. We have 2nd largest (and probably the most complicated) public school system in the country. Let me guide you through the maze of K-12 public school options throughout Los Angeles. Learn how to successfully navigate Elementary, Middle, and High School Neighborhood schools, Magnets, Charters, Gifted, Dual Language, Permitting and other specialized programs in
 any of these easy ways:

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Book a one-on-one Zoom Consultation (just you!)
Want the straight scoop as it pertains to you, your child, without the group dynamic? Together we will discuss your needs, curate a list of best-fit schools, and create a personalized, step-by-step Public School Action Plan.
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Got some quick Q’s that just can’t wait? Let’s talk! Offering 30 minute phone consultations.
Get help with where to Relocate to for schools
Our public school system is hard enough for natives. For newbies it’s downright Byzantine. If you are home shopping and need assistance targeting which specific school areas to consider for relocation (and which to avoid), I can help!

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webinar iconWant to get a handle on things before we meet? I’ve launched a series of w
ebinars that go over all the basics, including that darn Points System! Grab a ticket and watch on your own timeline from the convenience of your home.
. .
Host a House Chat (what’s this?)
Just gather a minimum of 6 or more friends, and Tanya will walk you through all your burning public school questions during your own special private group chat. The more friends you gather, the more cost-effective it gets. Westside, Eastside, The Valley, Hollywood, and spreading… TK-12th grade Los Angeles public schools.
**Guidebooks not available at this time, however for a good overview of how things work, check out my Webinars.

GoMamaGuide has literally helped thousands of families navigate the complex public school system throughout greater Los Angeles. Offering the info and tools you need to make a decision that’s right for your family. Since 2006.

“Tanya is brilliant. She made Los Angeles feel so wide open to me in a way I’ve never experienced. Run don’t walk to have her help you.”
—Molly Shannon, Hollywood
You really are helping to shape lives and change futures!”

–Sharon Rizzi, Venice 
“I purchased your guide last year and it was very helpful. It was the single most helpful resource I found to assist with our search.”
–Brad Gavigan, WLA 
“You were phenomenal and I am so grateful for the work you are doing!”
-Nely Galan, Los Angeles