Phone Consultations

Got Questions but your time is limited?

As a busy parent, I realize it’s hard to get to a seminar with all that’s on your list. Sometimes even finding the time for an in-home consultation is more that you can take on. Phone consultations are the easiest way to get your burning questions answered fast. No driving, no parking, no sitters, no need to get presentable or clean the house.

For you over-scheduled parents, consider the following easy, immediate options:

– A 30 min Phone Consultation ($75)
You’ve read the book, you’ve taken the seminar, but you just have a few niggling questions you’re dying to ask. This is a good option if you already have the overview, and need some specific questions clarified.

– A 55 min Phone Consultation ($125)
This option covers a broad overview of public school choices based on your address, and includes your very own customized Public School Action Plan emailed to you afterward. Lots of time for personalized Q &A.

While still one-on-one, phone consultations are a more immediate and affordable option than my in-home consultations, and scheduling is a bit more flexible.

Here’s how to book your personal phone consultation:

1. Select the length you want by clicking on either of the following options. You will be sent to Paypal to purchase your session. **Please leave me your time preference (morning, afternoon, evening, Saturday*) in the “instructions to seller” box during checkout.

Sign Me Up for my 30 min Phone Session now!
Sign me Up for my 55 min Phone Session now!

2. I will contact you via email with several available dates and times. Same day or next day appointments available in many cases. (*Please note I do not book on Sundays.)

3. Select the time that works best for you, and I will email the telephone number you will call with your appointment confirmation. It’s that simple. We can even use Skype  or FaceTime if you like, for virtual face-to-face time.

Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you!

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