2014 Dual Language Program Deadlines

Hey Westsiders –
Here’s a quick list of many of the area Dual Language Immersion elementary school programs and their upcoming application deadlines for the 2014-15 school year. Each school organizes its own tours, application, screening and lottery process, and you apply directly at the school site.

Broadway Mandarin Academy – apps are first-come-first-served (not a lottery) so the earlier you turn in your app, the better your chances! Apps avail in main office, can be picked up between 8:30a-3:30p.
Tours: Feb 20 9a, Mar 6 9a, Apr 22 9a and May 20 9a.
App priorities/dates:
1- Siblings of current Mandarin Immersion Program students 02/24/2014 – 3/21/2014
2- Within LAUSD’s Education Service Center West (ESC West) 03/03/2014 – 3/21/2014
3- Within other ESCs in LAUSD (ESC East, North and South) 3/10/2014 – 3/21/2014
4- School district is other than LAUSD 03/17/2014 – 3/21/2014

Apps received after 3/21/14 will be date and time-stamped and placed on a waitlist regardless of enrollment priority or area of residence.

Broadway Spanish Immersion — call for more info 310.392.4944
Tours: Jan 22 9a, Feb 26 9a, Mar 26 9a, April 23 9a, May 21 9a

Grandview Spanish Immersion — call for more info 310.390.3618
Tours: Feb 5 8:30a, Mar 5 8:30a, Mar 20 8:30a, April 2 8:30a, May 7 8:30a
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LAUSD Full List of Dual Immersion Programs:

Indie Charters:
City Charter Elementary Spanish Dual Language (K-2) — apps avail online now, Deadline Feb 28, Lottery Mar 13
Tours: Feb 20 9:30a, Mar 14 9:30a, Apr 4 9:30a

Goethe International Charter School (German) – apps avail online now, Deadline Feb 28, Lottery Mar 18 6p
Tours: Feb 4 9a, Feb 13 9a, Feb 18 9a, Feb 27 9a rsvp 310.306.3484

Edison Language Academy (Spanish) – application given at tour
Tours: scheduled Nov thru early Mar, call to schedule 310.828.0335 x61149 or x 61148
App priorities:
1- Students living within the Edison attendance area
2- Siblings of Edison students
3- Students from within SMMUSD, and employees of SMMUSD, City of SM and City of Malibu
4- When available, Edison accepts students from out of District contingent upon an inter-district permit

Residents register at home school first between Feb 11 – Mar 14, then inform them of interest in El Marino and/or La Ballona, receive a Dual Lang App request to take to El Marino and/or La Ballona office(s) to be entered in lottery. Enrollment for out of district permit begins Apr 9 by apt only @ CCUSD offices.

El Marino Language School (Japanese/Spanish) – Kinder info night Feb 6 6p
App priorities:
1- CC residents who are siblings of current students
2- CC residents who speak target language (Spanish/Japanese)
3- CC residents who speak English
4- Non-resident Spanish/Japanese speakers w approved inter-district permit
5- Non-resident English speakers w approved inter-district permit

La Balllona Spanish Dual Language Program – Kinder info night Jan 23 6p Registration by appt
Tours: Jan 24 10a, Jan 30 9a, Feb 4 9a, Feb 21 10a, Mar 3 9a

To locate any of the above programs, please view my Westside Elementary School Finder Map at GoMamaGuide.com/schoolfinder

More about the Dual Language Immersion options HERE.
Is Dual Language Immersion Right For You? HERE.
2013-14 LAUSD Dual Language Directory HERE.

5 thoughts on “2014 Dual Language Program Deadlines

  1. Thanks for this list. One of my twins was selected for City Charter Elementary West Adams via lottery but strangely, his twin brother was #73 on the waitlist and when I went to enroll both I was told that I could only move forward with 1 of the 2 or have them both placed on the wait list in the #73 slot. I guess I’m out of luck for a language immersion school that uses the lottery system or only send 1 twin to the school which won’t happen.

    I feel penalized for having twins.

    • CarrielsGlowing, I’m sorry to hear that. Many charters have a “one sibling in-they both get in” policy. It sounds like this charter doesn’t follow that protocol. Would your 2nd twin have a sibling preference the following year? If so, it might make sense to hold out for it. Hope it all works out for your family!

  2. I am back again just to update anyone who is a parent of twins or more that my families dreams again were crushed because one of my twins got into Goethe International Charter School but after submitting the acceptance letter, I was told that the other twin has NO priority. Well, the other unlucky twin will have priority after his brother attends for 3 months which was the same clause given to me by City Charter Elementary West Adams.

    Super frustrating…pity party for 1 please.

    • I know it is not ideal, but what some families with twins have had to do is spend the first year at two different schools, and by the second year the other twin gets in if a spot opens up. I’m sorry and I’m sure that’s not the news you wanted to hear. It really depends on the school. Some schools have an automatic sibling preference, others, such as these, clearly do not. I wish you the best seasontrend.

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