Summer FREE Activities for Kids

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I thought I’d re-post this from the June GoMamaGuidance newsletter so all those links are fresh and handy… -T

With only 2 short days left of the LAUSD school year, we’re just about ready to exclaim “we made it!” Yeah. School’s (almost) out for summer! For some of you, it already is. Enjoy it while you can because this will be the shortest summer break ever. Just 8 weeks until that mid-August return. Time to dust off that barbecue, polish off some libations and celebrate the close of another school year.

Are you having a staycation rather than a vacation this summer? No worries, here’s some FREE activities for the kids to keep them busy.

Wondering what the best beaches are in LA?

Get your kids signed up for summer reading plans and win prizes at your public library:

Brush up on some math:

Or have fun with other subjects:

Or do some cool science experiments:

Or make your own word cloud:

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Enjoy the summer while you have it!