GoMamaGuidance Turns 1!

Greetings Friends!

Wow this year has just cranked by. We’re in the home stretch of school, last minute fundraisers, end-of-the year projects, incoming school placements and waiting list shuffles.

With just 13 days left of the LAUSD school year, gasp, the end is in sight, and yet this is shaping up to be the shortest summer ever what with the early start mid-August return come “Fall.”

I don’t know about you but for me May has been a damn busy month and honestly, I’m a bit plum-tuckered.

May contains Mother’s Day. Memorial Day. My daughter’s birthday. (10! A Decade of Mothering, thank you for asking.) My birthday. (Don’t ask.) That blasted week of school testing.

But most significantly, it also marks the 1-year anniversary of the launch of this little newsletterGoMamaGuidance, which, from its humble beginnings last May is now reaching nearly 1,000 of you fine folks. Whew. Can you believe it? Lots to celebrate. Bubbles all around. Clink.

I feel so grateful and blessed to connect with all of you–either live or virtually–and to be able to help, shed light, and extend my services to you. It’s a great feeling to feel useful, passionate and purposeful in one’s work, and for that, I am doubly blessed and want to thank each of you.

I’m deliberately keeping it short this month for my own sanity, but look for a more robust June issue to come out in the next couple of weeks.

As always, for a more timely stream of breaking and relevant public school news, connect up with us on the GoMamaGuide Facebook page where you’ll be updated in real time and where we can bandy about those questions, comments and concerns of yours as a group.

Thanks for being a part of this wonderful community of families!