Summer FREE Activities for Kids

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With only 2 short days left of the LAUSD school year, we’re just about ready to exclaim “we made it!” Yeah. School’s (almost) out for summer! For some of you, it already is. Enjoy it while you can because this will be the shortest summer break ever. Just 8 weeks until that mid-August return. Time to dust off that barbecue, polish off some libations and celebrate the close of another school year.

Are you having a staycation rather than a vacation this summer? No worries, here’s some FREE activities for the kids to keep them busy.

Wondering what the best beaches are in LA?

Get your kids signed up for summer reading plans and win prizes at your public library:

Brush up on some math:

Or have fun with other subjects:

Or do some cool science experiments:

Or make your own word cloud:

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Enjoy the summer while you have it!


PS Smart Tip: Don’t Keep It To Yourself!

This one’s for kids: if you find you either need extra help or extra work in class, ask for it. It does no good to suffer in silence if the work’s either going over your head or you’re downright bored in class. People can’t read your mind. Find the courage to speak up – either to your teacher or ask your parents to talk to the teacher – and you will get the help or extra work you need.

This goes for all kinds of issues, problems or sticky situations. Don’t keep it all inside and get frustrated. Reach out and talk to someone about it…a teacher, a TA, your parents, your friend’s mom, your favorite coach, and together you can come up with some next steps and possible solutions. Today’s tip is all about being pro-active to get the support you need.

PS Smart Tip: Avoid Homework Meltdowns

Establish good study habits early in the school year. Set a daily expectation for your children to come home, get a snack, and get their work done BEFORE they can goof off, play with their friends or get “screen time.” Sit with them to keep them focused and on track. Be available to answer questions or go over it with them if they need to, but don’t do their work for them.

Setting the intention that “the sooner you get your work done, the sooner you can play” gives them an incentive to take care of their school business first, teaches them how to set priorities, and also lets them know it’s not ok to procrastinate. Delaying homework until after dinner or before bedtime can lead to sloppy work habits, or a full-blown power struggle with the added stress of a ticking clock.

PS Smart Tip: Summer Strategies

testing It might be summer break but your kid’s brains don’t have to turn to complete mush. Quiz them on their addition or multiplication tables during a car trip. Give them a summer writing journal and a few creative prompts. Offer some simple math problems to solve while shopping at the grocery store, or have them pick a topic of interest to research over the summer. Even many family board games can deepen math, spacial, and/or strategy-building skills.

Another no-brainer to keep their brains sharp: keep them reading! Most public libraries offer summer reading programs with built-in incentives and free prizes. Check out:

LAPL Kids Summer Reading Club
LAPL Teens Summer Reading Club
Santa Monica Kids Summer Reading Club
Santa Monica Teen Summer Reading Club