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Mailer Maelstrom



This School Board race is getting out of hand. It’s no secret that our little race, especially BD4 covering the Westside thru parts of the West Valley and into upper Hollywood, is garnering national attention. With NYC Mayor Bloomberg throwing money into the race as well as lots of other outside interests from the reformer PACS to the collective union PACS, it’s becoming a real dogfight. The negative ads are downright distasteful, and not at all representative of either human being running for office.

What I hope people understand is that these ads flooding your mailboxes are filled with misleading rhetoric at best and downright lies at worst, and are usually NOT paid for, approved by, or even representative of the candidates themselves.

This is our “independent expenditures” category gone wild and run rampant throwing unlimited dollars into the fray at the same time we limit individual campaign contributions to $1000 per registered voter. Personally, I think we’ve sunk to a new low as outside groups spend millions of dollars battling for control of our local school board.

Hey Super PACS…here’s a novel thought. Spend your money on our kids! We sure could use a few million and definitely could use it in more productive ways.

In the meantime, please stay focused on the issues that REALLY matter, the ones that will affect OUR children’s future school experience as you select a candidate…such as how will you prioritize the budget, will you support continued charter growth or try to shut it down, what will you do about the growing co-location issue, how can we truly get rid of poor teachers, what about our middle and hight schools that still lag behind???

Please listen to the issues, listen to the candidates themselves, and decide who you think will be the most decisive and effective leader. And parents, please vote next Tuesday! We typically are completely under-represented at the polls. These are our kids. It’s time to activate on their behalf.

Listen to my “Meet the Candidates” PODCAST and decide for yourself!

Watch the District #4 School Board Candidate Forum Video

Great turnout at last Thursday’s LAUSD District #4 School Board Candidate Forum in Venice hosted by The United Way, featuring candidates Steve Zimmer and Kate Anderson. Missed it? No worries. Watch the video here.

Nearly 200 People Turn Out for United Way’s LAUSD School Board Forum in Venice

PS Smart Tip: Get Informed and Participate

ItsYourSchlDon’t be one of those 90-some % of the population who don’t take the time to find out who their school board leaders are, then complain when they vote to cut your school’s budget, beloved teachers, or music and art programs. Or co-locate your school. Or relocate your school. Or close you down. Or convert your school to another kind of school altogether, without your input.

We sometimes tend to think THEY did this to US, not realizing that WE-the-people put THEM in the seat of power to begin with. And there are WAY more parents of school-aged children than unions or special interests in this town. It’s just that the majority of school parents have typically been mute when it comes to local voter turnout.
These are OUR schools, and our local school board reps are OUR elected officials. Don’t let someone else decide it. Know who you’re putting in the driver’s seat of your child’s school experience. Ask questions. Participate. Learn. Vote.
Did you know that school board reps have discretionary funds for school improvements, upgrades or pet projects? Did you also know that as an ally, your school board rep can look out for your school in a myriad of ways? Take the time to get to know the candidates and make the smart choice for your child’s education. Regardless who you vote for, the main thing is to actually vote.

Town Hall on Prop 30 and Prop 38 Oct 16th

Los Angeles Unified School Board Member Tamar Galatzan cordially invites you to attend a Town Hall event on Prop 30 and Prop 38.
DATE: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 6:30 PM
LOCATION: Cleveland High School Multi-Purpose Room
8140 Vanalden Avenue,
Reseda, CA 91335

On-site parking will be available.
Town Hall will provide a venue where you may hear directly from Superintendant John E. Deasy, proposition experts, and ask your questions so you may be a well-informed voter. November elections are fast approaching and it’s very important to understand how the propositions will impact public education and students.
Spanish translation will be available. Please see attached flyer for more details.

Town Hall on Prop 30 and 38 Oct 1

Another talk about CA Budgets and Prop 30 and 38, brought to you by LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer and the Venice Neighborhood Council’s Education Committee:
Featuring Jonathan Kaplan, Sr Policy Analyst of the California Budget Project
Monday, Oct 1st at 6:30p
Mark Twain Middle School
2224 Walgrove Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066