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If you missed the special Back-To-School #Mommy Monday Show with host Kristin Cruz and Tanya Anton this week, do not stress. The show is archived and ready to be streamed or downloaded for your listening convenience. It’s Kristin’s first day of school (well, her daughter’s anyway) and there’s lots to learn to about the public school journey, including tips to make it the most successful ever. Click HERE to listen in.


Hey, while I’m linking to recent media, here’s that LA Weekly profile piece on GoMamaGuide that came out last week.


And, for more on school choice, check out the recent KCRW Which Way LA show with host Warren Olney and guests Tanya Anton and Gary Orfield.

There you go. That ought to be enough school talk to get you going! Cheers, and welcome back!

GoMamaGuide Profiled in the LA Weekly!


Thrilled to be profiled in a piece in the LA Weekly outlining the daunting task of navigating your public school options within the LAUSD!

Here’s a snippet:

Magnets vs. Charters: Meet the Woman Helping You Choose the Right LAUSD School

“It’s that day of the year again – out come the shiny new sneakers, brightly colored backpacks, and paper-bag lunches. Today, more than 640,000 kids from kindergarten through grade 12 return to school as the LAUSD opens its doors for the first day of instruction.

With nearly 900 public schools and 187 public charter schools, LAUSD’s students make up the second largest school district in the nation, supported by an annual operating budget of more than $6 billion.

But that doesn’t mean all students are receiving an equal education. There is a broad range in the quality of teachers, programs and instruction within the district. Some schools are among the state’s best. Others struggle.

The truth is that even once you’ve settled on public schools for your kids, selecting the right one within LAUSD isn’t easy; it involves navigating a complex and confusing system of applications and requirements. It’s enough to make many parents give up.

Enter Tanya Anton.…” 

Read the entire article HERE.

Thanks to reporter Chris Walker- who’s got a cool story of his own – who heard me on Warren Olney’s show the week before and sought me out for the story!

Hot Off The Presses! New School Guidebooks for 2014!









Westside Guide to Public Elementary School


Westside Guide to Middle School

newly revised and updated for the 2014-15 school year!

$20 each. Click HERE to purchase.

Tanya interviewed by Kristin Cruz on Kost 103.5FM

Kost 103.5FM Sunday Journal

I had a fantastic time chatting it up with radio mama Kristin Cruz of Kost 103.5FM and iHeart Radio. We talked kids, schools and why you might need that glass of wine to get through the process of selecting a school in Los Angeles. It’s a fun interview and an easy listen. Check it out:

Tanya interviewed by Kristin Cruz on The Sunday Journal Kost 103.5FM

Kost 1035FM

Welcome To My New School Yard!

Hi Folks!

Came back to offer you that tour I promised. So, if you haven’t already, take a look around. Need the highlights? Okay, since you asked…

Well for starters, the site’s wider, more horizontal. Less scroll. Room to grow and add all sorts of goodies.

Then there’s the maps. You all LOVE my maps. I know because it’s the most trafficked page of my site. Almost 10,000 hits on the Westside Elementary Schools map alone since I launched it in ’08. I’ve organized all my maps in perfect little rows and added a few new ones too. See how neat and tidy? Just click on the image to launch a full-screen color-coded map. Go on. You know you want to.

Many of you ask about the name “GoMama and how this whole thing got started. Sort of by accident actually. The name’s not exactly business-speak, is it. Nor was there a business plan. Born from my mama blog with just a good ole desire to share information and help people, who knew it would grow into as much as it has. So GoTanya and GoMama! We’re just gonna go with that. But now you can read all about it here.

I don’t know what you did on your summer vacation, but I spent a good part of July migrating this website. I also learned iLife- especially how to edit audio in GarageBand and how to shoot/edit video in iMovie. As a result I’ve got a bunch of new ideas hatching… but most currently, I’ve cut all my radio segments and embedded them on audio players right here on the Media page. No more off-site downloading. Or opening up your iTunes or other media player. Now with a click, you can hear just a snippet or the whole segment of the radio shows I’ve done without having to listen to the entire hour. Take a listen. Can’t decide where to start? How about this clip, “Three Things You Should Look For in A Public School (Four Actually).”  

I’ve also linked up all the press I’ve done since 2007. It’s all arranged by year. How tidy.

But mainly, I’m super-excited to have an embedded GoMamaGuidance BLOG right here on the same site. Now I can post and rant all I want in any size format without having to wait for the monthly newsletter. And, all my previous GoMamaGuidance newsletter articles and PS Smart Tips are categorized and archived here. Now you can search by category or tag. YAY. One home. All the content. And with the new school year just about to start, there’ll be plenty to talk about. That I’m sure of.

Plus now there’s space for your comments too. So share. Talk back. Ruminate. You’re all invited. We’re building a community school yard!

Come by and say hello.