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GoMamaGuide to LAUSD:
LA Public Schools Demystified
(Elementary Edition)
by Tanya Anton



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Overview: Why Public? 8

Where To Begin: The Basics
Choices, choices, where do I begin??   9

How do I find my assigned school?  10
Do I have to go to my assigned school?  10
What if we are divorced or separated? Which address do we use? 10
What if my child has a learning disability or special needs?10
What is the age requirement for Kindergarten?11
What if my child just misses the age requirement for Kindergarten? 11
If my child has a late fall birthday, should we hold him back a year? 11
How do I enroll my child in my local Kindergarten? 12
What if I am opposed to immunizations? 12
When does school start? 12

The Search Begins
How do I choose a school? 14

The Tour: What do I look for? 14
What are my priorities? 15

Where To Look First: Your Neighborhood School
Why would I consider my local school? 17

How can I make a difference?  17

Magnets: One Choice
What is a Magnet School?  19

How do I apply to a Magnet School? 20
How many Magnet Schools can I apply to?  21
Do Magnets come with transportation?  21
What if we are an inter-racial family, which ethnicity do we check? 21
What is this “Point System” I keep hearing about?  21
Breakdown of the Magnet Points System   22
How do I find out if our home school is either PHBAO or Overcrowded? 22
What if I have twins?  22
What are the requirements for applying to a Gifted Magnet? 23
If we are already attending a Magnet, do we still apply each year?  23
When do I find out if we got in? 23
What if I am waitlisted?  24
If I hold my kid back, reapply for K next year, can I keep my points?  24
Are Magnet schools that much better than regular schools? 24
What if we want to collect points for a Magnet Middle School?  24
Magnet Recap  25
What are the other program choices on eChoices?  25 

Dual Language Programs
What is a Dual Language Program?  26

What kinds of Language Programs are offered?  26
What are the benefits of Dual Language Programs? 27
How do I apply to a Dual Language Program?  27
How do Dual Language Programs prioritize applicants? 27
What are the DLP application guidelines?  28
Do the Language Programs come with transportation? 29
Where can I find a list of all the LAUSD Dual Language Programs 29

Charters: Another Choice
What exactly is a Charter school?  30

What is an “Independent Charter” and an “Affiliated Charter?  30
Do I have to live in the LAUSD district to apply to a Charter? 31
How do I apply to a Charter school? 31
Do Charter schools provide transportation? 31
How do I apply to one of the Affiliated Charters? 31
When do I find out if we got in our chosen Charter? 31
Are Charter schools that much better than other schools? 31
What is this co-location drama I keep hearing about? 32
Will my Charter School move?  32

GATE: Your Gateway to Other Options
What does GATE mean? The Seven Categories 33

Testing, testing, what if my child tests Gifted? 33
How can I have my child identified for GATE? 34
What are the testing requirements for GATE? 34
What are some of the options available to GATE students? 35
What is an “SAS” School? 35
How do I apply to an SAS program? 35
Where can I find a list of all the SAS programs?  36
Do SAS schools provide transportation? 36
When do we hear if we got in? 36 

Open Enrollment: An Open Door
What is Open Enrollment? 37

How do we apply for Open Enrollment? 37
When do we find out if we got in? 37
Will OE students be displaced or have to reapply? 37 

Permits: Another Way In (or Out)
What is a permit and how do I get one?  38

How do intra-district permits work?  38
How do I apply for an Intra-District Permit?  39
Can I permit into a Magnet, Charter, or Language Immersion? 40
What types of outgoing Inter-District Permit requests does LAUSD accept? 40
How long is the permit good for?  41
How do I apply for an Inter-District Permit to leave LAUSD? 41
When do I apply for a permit? 42
Can my permit be revoked?  42
Can your neighborhood school principal refuse to release you? 42
Permit Office Contact info 42 

Waitlisted: The Inter-Dynamic Game
We’re on every waitlist. Now what? 43

Norm Day: what’s that? 44
The 9th hour  44
Don’t be that parent!  44
If at first you don’t succeed…there’s always next year!  45
Apply & Wait Graphic: Admissions At-a-Glance 46 

Some Final Thoughts  47 

Bonus Materials:
Recap: A Breakdown of Public School Options  50

Application Timeline 52
Acronym Soup: The ABCs of LAUSD 54
Local District Map: Find Your Local Education Service Center  55
Find Your Board Member  56
Elementary Schools List (by Category and Region) 57
     Magnets (Regular, Gifted & Highly Gifted Magnets)  57
     Dual Language Programs 59
     Charter Schools (Independent & Affiliated)  61
     SAS Schools 63
Online Resources 66
Services 68


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