Incubator School Town Hall This Thurs 6:30p Venice

Have you been hearing about the new Westside middle-high school pilot school, The Incubator School? Want to learn more?

Come to their introductory Town Hall!

Thurs, October 25th, 6:30-8p

826 LA/Sparc Building
685 Venice Blvd,
Venice, CA 90291

-a new, tuition-free, public LAUSD pilot school supported by Future Is Now Schools led by Rock The Vote pioneer and Green Dot founder Steve Barr

-opening in August 2013 on the Westside with grades 6 & 7, and adding a grade per year until they reach 12th

-real wold project-based learning

-creative, entrepreneurial, design thinking-based instruction

-committed to nurturing children’s social drives and ethical inquisitiveness

-utilizing rich, vibrant technology to facilitate collaborative social learning

-partnerships with Silicon Beach companies

-college- and world-ready curriculum, with an interdisciplinary approach

“Just as an incubator nurtures hatchlings, and a business incubator grows ideas into ventures, The Incubator School will provide kids with the skills, mentors, resources, social connectivity, and ethics to help their fledgling ideas fly. The school’s focus will be design thinking, a process-oriented way of looking at problems, generating ideas, and finding solutions.”

Come with your questions to the Town Hall this Thursday. Read more about their vision here:  TheIncubatorSchool  Or, Join their FB Page.


Parenting In The Digital Age – Appropriate Use of Technology Talk

Upcoming free talk about Parenting In The Digital Age – Appropriate Use of Technology

Featuring Yalda T. Uhls

Weds, Oct 10th at 7:30p

WS Pavilion, Community Room A.
10800 West Pico Blvd, LA 90064

(located on the 3rd Floor, just behind the Food Court near the Restrooms)
Free 3 hour parking!
Consider yourselves invited.

PS Smart Tip: Teen/Tween Netiquette

Between the iPods, iPads, laptops, mobile phones and reading devices there’s a plethora of digi-fun at our fingertips. Apps, games, digipix, videos, shopping, texting, web-browsing and social connecting…it’s a whole new world that’s sucking in more and more of our time and becoming a way of life. We love it, so why shouldn’t our kids get in on the fun?

I’m all for tech toys but when it comes to our children, we still need to exercise good judgement and set age-appropriate boundaries. Put limits on screen time, use the parent controls and timers, and monitor the sites your child is visiting. As for texting, it seems like a free-for-all especially with the free texting apps that don’t require a phone, but it’s important to teach good manners and remind your children that every text leaves a digital footprint that can come back and bite you if you’re not careful. Texts can sometimes be misinterpreted and over-texting, sending multiple texts in a row without waiting for a response, is annoying at best and invasive and downright rude at worst. There’s a time and place for our gadgets. Let’s teach our children to use them respectfully and judiciously.