What You Need To Know NOW About Paying Less For College Tues Mar 8, 2022

Hello Friends,
I know some of you are just getting situated in your elementary schools, yet a large number of GoMamaGuide families are inching their way closer to high school, then college. You know I’ve been there, excited for my daughter, but dreading facing that college tuition bill, wondering how we’ll ever swing it.

For my parents of 8th through 11th graders, just in time for tax season, GoMamaGuide presents the return of Cyndi Menegaz, National Program Director at SMARTTRACK® College Funding, with her brilliant talk. Join us for:

What You Need to Know NOW about Paying Less for College
Tuesday, March 8, 2022 at 12p

You may be surprised to learn that with a little planning, you can significantly lower out-of-pocket costs, maximize grants and scholarships, reduce debt, and learn to cover tuition in a more tax-advantaged, cost-efficient way. Even if you don’t think you’ll qualify for Financial Aid, preparing for how best to pay for college can make a tremendous difference and it starts earlier* than you might think.

*Recommended for parents of 8-11th graders. Parents of 9th and 10th graders – the financial decisions you make now will impact how much you pay later. 11th grade families don’t have a minute to lose!

Folks, I’ve personally taken this seminar twice while my daughter was just starting high school, and found it extremely helpful as I prepared financially for my daughter’s college tuition bill. Luckily our high school was on it and brought Cyndi in to assist parents with this info, but the truth is, most high schools are ill-equipped to advise parents beyond completing the basic financial aid forms. The reality is that families must begin organizing their finances a couple of years in advance in order to get all the financial aid they may be eligible for. 

I learned so much about the process, and it helped me plan my finances early on so we didn’t have to limit her college options, or pay retail tuition prices. I am convinced that SMARTTRACK saved me a huge percentage of tuition by looking over my assets, and suggesting adjustments I could make while my daughter was still a sophomore in high school. I also learned which types of schools were going to be more generous than others, and that surprised me. If you are savvy about planning ahead, and I hope you are, please jump on this opportunity to learn more. Like everything else, the earlier you start planning, the better off you’ll be. And as public school families, we need all the options we can get.

As a special bonus, GoMamaGuide is partnering with SMARTTRACK where you’ll have an opportunity to schedule a free call with them, just like I did, to review your financial picture and see if there are any strategic things you can do well before filling out those financial aid forms senior year. (The dreaded FAFSA and CSS. Yay, more acronyms to learn!) If you do decide to work with them, you’ll get the GoMamaGuide discount.

More about Cyndi Menegaz, National Program Director 
SMARTTRACK® College Funding is a national leader in helping families better pay for college. Cyndi is a popular speaker and conducts workshops across the country, educating and empowering parents and professional colleagues on the critically important financial piece of college planning. Prior to joining SMARTTRACK®, she had a successful career in the video business and received a degree in Communication Studies from Northwestern University. Cyndi is also the proud mom of twins who recently graduated from college debt free!

Get Savvy on College Funding with SmartTrack!

Are you freaking out about college tuition? 

Wondering how to pay for college without losing your home or your retirement?

For many of us just thinking about it brings up feelings of dread and inadequacy. Perhaps downright denial as the cost of college tuition keeps spiraling upward at an ever increasing rate.

Folks, rather than bury your head in the sand, it’s time to get pro-active and take a look at where you stand and how to optimize your financial situation – whatever it is – to get the most out of the college financial application process.

And while I’m an expert on navigating K-12 public school options, I’m still learning when it comes to financial planning towards college. That’s why I went to SmartTrack College Funding to work with the experts, who reviewed my financial picture and set me straight.

For instance, here’s a little shocker I learned.

Did you know that the generous savings account your grandparents set up for your kids and fund every year will actually be factored into your Expected Family Contribution (EFC – the amount you will be asked to pay for tuition based on your entire financial picture) at 20%, but if it was held in YOUR name it will only be factored at 5%?*

(Oops, sorry kids. Your account is MINE now!)

That’s just one of the many things I learned after working with my SmartTrack College Funding Coach, who helped me know which assets to move around and where, in order to minimize the sting of what colleges will expect me to hand over to them for tuition.

*Caveat: Before you start moving money around, you really need to check in with your SmartTrack College Funding Coach for the best strategies that work for your particular financial situation. To get started with your FREE assessment, use this special link.

I can hear you now, “But it’s WAAAAYYYYY too early to be thinking about that stuff, I mean, I just got my kid into middle school. We don’t even know where he’s going to high school, let alone college!!”

Folks, the prep time comes earlier than you think. (Are you listening my middle school families?)

So I sat down with Cyndi Menegaz of SmartTrack and had a little chat about all of this college financial planning intel. She’s got a lot of great info and a special deal for my GoMamaGuide families. Take a look:

Video Link: https://youtu.be/6-iK2GAmetM

Don’t despair, get prepared. Get SmartTrack.

They’ll help you figure out:

• How to pay for college
• How to pay LESS for college (yes!)
• How to maximize merit and financial aid

Don’t pay “retail” tuition. Learn how to mitigate red flags in your financial profile and lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) tuition calculation. Get help with your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Utilize SmartTrack’s online suite of college funding tools and handy resources, and work with a personalized SmartTrack College Funding Coach who will walk you through the financial process to save you money.

Schedule your FREE 15 min call! 818-552-0800 and mention GoMamaGuide.

To get started, sign in to your FREE SmartTrack account at:


**Specifically targeted for my 8th-10th grade families, but it’s never too early to prepare. Call for your FREE assessment today. 

Guys, your kids will be doing SAT/ACT test prep, they’ll be doing college essay prep, and parents if you’re smart, you’ll be going to SmartTrack to do financial prep.

Or, you could skip this step and just hand over all your hard-earned $$$$ to tuition!