SMARTTRACK College Funding Webinar Weds Mar 10

Introducing SMARTTRACK College Funding Webinar

What You Need To Know NOW About Paying Less For College
(You NEED This Info Folks)

with Cyndi Menegaz, National Program Director at SMARTTRACK® College Funding

March 10, 2021
*Recommended for parents of 8-12th graders.

You guys, I’ve personally taken this seminar twice, and found it extremely helpful as we planned financially for my daughter’s dreaded college tuition bill. I learned so much and it helped me plan way in advance so we didn’t have to limit our college options or pay retail tuition prices. I am convinced that
SMARTTRACK saved me a huge percentage of tuition by looking at my assets and suggesting adjustments I could make when my daughter was a sophomore in high school. If you are savvy about planning ahead, and I hope you are, please jump on this opportunity to learn more. Like everything else, the earlier you start planning, the better off you’ll be. And as public school families, we need all the option$ we can get.

Also, as a special bonus, GoMamaGuide is partnering with SMARTTRACK where you’ll have an opportunity to schedule a free call with them just like I did to review your financial picture and see if there are any strategic things you can do well before filling out those financial aid forms senior year. (The dreaded FAFSA and CSS. Yay, more acronyms to learn!) If you do decide to work with them, you’ll get the GoMamaGuide discount.

At a minimum, do take advantage of your free call.