LAUSD’s Next Superintendent: Your Voice Counts!


StarSearchLet’s see, candidate must be able to manage $8B annual operating budget, a divisive and entrenched Board, multiple labor unions, shrinking budgets, decimated enrollment numbers, lackluster and at times unproductive staff, unmotivated students, bitter and at times hostile parents, direct and blatant competition, corporate interests, litigious volleys from all sides, allegations of misconduct, corruption, extortion, non-compliance, liabilities, misrepresentation, constant 360 criticism, mixed agendas with conflicting cross purposes, corporate interests dangling multi-million dollar contracts, dilapidated facilities next to state of the art glass houses, lowering standards in a volatile environment while outsiders are chomping at the bit for a hostile takeover…

…and on the upside? Holding the potential of children, our future, our next generation, in the palm of your hand, being the Voice of Reason (or Nonsense) or God, facing the mighty challenge of reversing a downward slump, swerving through potholes, setting a New North, becoming a hero, a savior, a rising star in the City of Angels, in shimmering lights, for a shiny new penny, the second-largest school district in the country, the greatest show on earth, the sandbox of creators, makers, and dreamers, where tiny feet tread, and egos clash. Oh, the highs, the lows, the revolving door…that is the helm of LAUSD.

It might be dysfunctional, but it’s OUR dysfunctional.

Surely SOMEBODY’s up for the challenge. And WE need YOU!

Parents, name your candidates; what you want to see in our new leader. The new Superintendent.

According to LAUSD, they’re listening and your voice counts!

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