LAUSD Approves 2015-16 Calendar

CalendarThe LAUSD School Board voted yesterday to approve the 2015-16 School Calendar.

First Day of School will be Tuesday, August 18, 2015. Last Day of School will be Friday, June 10, 2016.

Key recesses are:
Thanksgiving Break: Nov 23 – 29, 2015
Winter Break: Dec 19 – Jan 10, 2016
Spring Break: Mar 21- 27, 2016

Negotiations will continue however, and changes are likely for the 2016-17 calendar. Talks include the possibility of pushing the start date back after Labor Day and reorganizing the breaks so the first and second semester have a more evenly distributed number of instructional days. Perhaps the end of Early Start after all? Wouldn’t that be grand!

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9 thoughts on “LAUSD Approves 2015-16 Calendar

  1. Hi Barbara,
    You’ll have to call the school directly to find out. Independent charters get to set their own calendars, so they are not subject to the LAUSD calendar I posted above.

  2. Why do the school have to schedule winter break for 3 weeks and only 1 week for spring break? Not all working parents can take time off during those holidays.

    • Emiliana, I agree, however the calendars are negotiated between the labor unions and the district, and then their draft has to pass a vote by the 7-member school board. A lot of calendar issues were brought before the board this spring, including thousands of parent signatures demanding they push the start date back to after Labor Day. The board delayed the vote by a month to review options but ultimately passed this way for 2015-16, however they all agreed to revisit the calendar for 2016-17, so expect changes next year. There was also talk of dividing up the breaks – 2 weeks in Dec/Jan, and 2 weeks in spring. We’ll have to wait and see what happens for next year but it could mean a September start date after all and a more even distribution of breaks. One can only hope!

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  4. I would LOVE it if my daughter didn’t have to start school until after Labor Day!!! Only makes sense!!!

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