PS Smart Tip: Transformation Begins With Visualization

Exhale Stress and Worry… Inhale Joy, Inspiration and a Vision of The Highest

Take in a deep cleansing breath and visualize your children among other children, in happy nurturing environments, excited to be amongst good-hearted caring people, with inspired lessons and wonderful opportunities for learning. Hold this vision for your children, your school, your community.

Collectively these are our schools. And we are creating them, shaping them, as we lean into and visualize the need. And as we fill them with our collective love and care and nurturing, they will soar. And despite the economic downturn, despite all you might hear in the press, many already are. And many more are opening, transforming, filling the need for something new. Because of all of us, together, holding the vision, asking for and creating change. For our collective children. For our future. Because we love them. Because we care.

Because we are all inter-related; not one apart from the other.

So let’s hold the highest vision of possible school, and in joy, bring it into fulfillment.

And trust with all this school stuff, it’s gonna be alright!

Because it is.

Community Input Sought for Greening of Walgrove Campus This Weds, 6p

Big changes are underway at Walgrove Elementary School!

You may have already noticed the removal of all the temporary bungalows on the south side of campus – the buildings that used to house Ocean Charter are GONE. Left behind is 25,000 square feet of asphalt that will soon make way for a new green space.

Remaking 25,000 square feet of of the campus is the first step of a much larger project : the re-envisioning of the whole campus, to transform Walgrove into a sustainable and performative schoolyard habitat.

This Weds, August 22nd at 6 pm we are inviting the whole school and the community beyond to come and learn about the progress we have made and the possibilities that we can create together. (Please see all details on flyer.) We want to consider how a greener and more sustainable campus can enrich our students’ experience at Walgrove Elementary School. It is important that we come together as a community to create a shared vision for the future of our school.

This workshop, the goal is to get input and ideas for the entire schoolyard/campus to understand better what the community needs and would like to see.

A small group of dedicated volunteers has worked diligently over the last several months with LAUSD to identify opportunities and limitations for a greener campus. A growing and impressive list of partners have come on board to guide, advise, design and build with us. What we need now is the full participation of our school community and everyone of our neighbors.

PLEASE COME!!!!!!! Bring your neighbors!!

Your input is extremely valuable and community participation is the key to achieving such a big undertaking.

Childcare will be available! Refreshments will be served. Mark your calendars! Looking forward to seeing all of you there.

if you cannot make it to this event but have any ideas or want to be involved, please let us know! Email Clare Carey at

It’s going to be an exciting year….

Very Best,

The greening and gardening team at Walgrove