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Valley Guide to Public Elementary Schools:
Navigating Magnets, Charters, Permits & More
by Tanya Anton



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Contents 4
Overview: Why Public? 6

Begin in The Beginning: Some General Info
Choices, choices, where do I begin?  7
Do I have to go to my assigned school? 8
What is the age requirement for Kindergarten? 8
How do I enroll my child in my local Kindergarten? 8
What grades are covered in Elementary School? 9
What if I am opposed to immunizations? Will I be denied enrollment? 8
What is Open Enrollment? 9
What if my child tests Gifted? 10
What do I look for while touring a school? 11
Some specific things I’d look for 11
How do I choose a school? 11
Priorities, priorities, what are my priorities? 12

Where to Look First: Your Neighborhood School
Why would I consider my local school? 14
How can I make a difference? 14

Magnets: One Choice
What is a Magnet School? 16
How do I apply to a Magnet School? 16
Do Magnets come with transportation? 17
How many Magnet schools can I apply to? 17
What is this “Point System” I keep hearing about? 17
How do I find out if my school is either PHBAO or Overcrowded? 18
What if we are an inter-racial family, which ethnicity do we check? 18
What are the requirements for applying to a Gifted Magnet? 18
When do I find out if we got in? 18
What if I am waitlisted? 19
If I hold my kid back, reapply next year, can I keep my Waitlist points? 19
Are Magnet schools that much better than regular schools? 19
When should I start collecting points for Middle School? 19
Magnet Recap 20
What are the other program choices on the Choices brochure? 20

Charters: Another Choice
What exactly is a Charter School? 21
What’s an “Independent Charter” and an “Affiliated Charter? 21
Do I have to live in the LAUSD district to apply to a Charter? 21
How do I apply to a Charter? 22
Do Charter schools provide transportation? 22
How many Charter schools can I apply to? 22
When do I find out if we got in our chosen Charter? 22
Are Charter Schools that much better than other schools? 22
Schools With an Identity Crisis 22
What if a school is both a Magnet and a Charter? 22
What if a school is both a neighborhood school and a Charter? 22
What if a school is both a neighborhood school and a Magnet school? 22

Permits: Another Way In
What is a permit and how do I get one? 23
How do intra-district permits work and how do I apply? 23
What types of inter-district permit requests is LAUSD currently accepting? 24
How do I apply for an inter-district permit? 25
When do I apply for a permit? 26
Can your neighborhood school refuse to release you? 26
LAUSD Permit Office Contact Numbers 26

Waitlisted: The Inter-Dynamic Game
Norm Day: what’s that? 27

Handy Bonus Materials:
Application Timeline 28
Complete Contact List of Valley Public Elementary Schools 29
Resources 36

©2010-11 by Tanya Anton

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