Tanya Anton author of GoMamaGuide’s “Westside Guide to Public Elementary Schools,” Westside Guide to Middle School,” “Valley Guide to Public Elementary Schools,” and the “GoMamaGuide to LAUSD,” has risen steadily as a go-to source for information, inspiration, and action, and is part of a growing revolution of parents actively driving public school revitalization.

In addition to offering public school demystification and outreach, Tanya has appeared on NPR KCRW’s “Which Way LA” with Warren Olney seven times, presented on motherhood and social activism in NYC, appeared before the LAUSD school board on a number of issues, and lobbied against school budget cuts up in Sacramento.

Since co-hosting the popular “Martinis & Magnets” events w/ radio personality Sandra Tsing Loh & “Three Martini Playdate” author Christie Mellor, Tanya has spoken to literally thousands of stressed-out parents about to enter the LA school system through her talks, seminars, and house chats, and has inspired many to not only reconsider their public school options but also become a vital yet interconnected agent of change within them. Tanya still writes when she should be sleeping and her little preschooler is now heading off to High School!
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About GoMamaGuide

Public schools. It’s what we do best, and what we do exclusively.

GoMamaGuide began mom-to-mom in 2006 and spread organically via word-of-mouth through area preschools, park playgrounds, libraries and local gatherings offering public school information to confused and stressed out parents. By 2007 Tanya Anton’s first edition of The Westside Guide to Public Elementary Schools was released, by 2008 her first color-coded school finder map launched and GoMamaGuide established its presence within the local and online communities, clearly filling a need and creating a niche where there wasn’t one before.

Having now helped thousands of LA parents navigate their public school options through a series of guidebooks, speaking dates, seminars, and consultations, sharing hands-on experience in public school revitalization, becoming an outspoken voice politically, offering radio and press commentary, Tanya Anton and GoMamaGuide continue to explore and expand into new territories.

“For me, it’s personal,” says Anton. “I began GoMamaGuide unexpectedly while my own daughter was still in preschool, feeling very much like our public elementary school choices were grossly under-represented at the private school-heavy Kindergarten Fairs and local Parent Ed nights. As one who not only believes in public education, but who, economically-speaking, needed to find a good option for my own family, I set out to learn as much as I could and get involved early on.”

Tanya draws on her experience building community and bringing sweeping improvements to the schools she has worked with, and shares her expertise by catalyzing others into action. She has inspired many to not only reconsider their public school options but also become a vital yet interconnected agent of change within them. The first step is finding a school you can feel good about. The next step is getting involved and being part of the solution.

“My goal” Anton says, “is to share knowledge with others and shine a light on the path, as information is power and cuts a laser-like beam through the stress of the unknown. I believe that together, working on behalf of our collective children, we can inspire each other and accomplish much-needed change. I know this is true because I have already witnessed it many times over.”

GoMamaGuide. Offering information, inspiration, action.